While the first iteration of this blog was for the Internet in general, this second version is simply for me. Writing being a muscle, and the more it’s used the better it becomes.

Fly fishing is no longer the sport of my youth, and in many ways I mourn its passing. It has been replaced by a more urbane variant, whose practitioners are intent on success – and striking the perfect pose – versus the relaxing, mysterious, scientific hobby of my youth.

I think fish are stupid, and adore the notion that everyone doesn’t.I think the only thing dumber than fish are us anglers – and as humor writing is one of the victims of this new angling intensity, I’d like to remember writers like Ed Zern, and poke the Tiger through the cage.

I don’t expect you to think my work good, as I’m not writing for you – nor for what’s popular. Rather, I’ve spent my life fishing and enjoying it immensly, so this is for me – and what I think funny.

Feel free to take me to task on any level – I deserve it.