Exciting New Ways to Extinct Fish

While some had a premonition and some knew, the fact that it’s here suggests a great deal of magazine fodder will be spent gnashing teeth over what constitutes angling privacy, what’s the radius around the angler considered acceptable “air rights”, and whether “low holing” the SOB next to you with a drone carries the same censure as doing it in person.


… I’m not even going to mention whether it’s polite to zoom in on the fly he’s using, or whether you’ll simply make a fast pass to snip his fly line in mid-air …

Drones used to scout for visible fish – humming up and downstream, colliding with your cast – and whose owner operator is faceless and distant, and only appears if you disable his “pet” with a rock.

Learn about the IoT, the Internet of Things, and ask yourself would a small solar camera and IP address ever get cheap enough to mount over all the best holes ? Why wouldn’t the “Wall Of Rising Fish” at your fly shop be a source of wonderment? Instead of asking the fellow behind the counter whether there’s any action on the Creek, why wouldn’t you just check the camera at the Powerhouse?

Bold New World, and if you don’t the Warden will – as budget cuts means he’s driving less , and likely orbiting in an agency Predator instead … and the first sumbitch over limit gets a Hellfire up his tail pipe …

Roger Blue Leader, it’s Fox One on the Red Honda in the Parking Lot.”

3 thoughts on “Exciting New Ways to Extinct Fish”

  1. I really like how you tie in humor into your posts. The titles alone always get me curious. In all seriousness, it’s just a matter of time until they have underwater submarine drones. Talk about something to spot hole burn your fishing area. I wonder how much drone insurance costs.

  2. With Madison Avenue intent on turning us into humorless driven SOB’s, I am attempting to reverse the trend. Not having much luck on that front, but if you find me midstream there will always be a hearty welcome and an insult or two if you outfish me.

    Most of the newly minted crowd tend to strike fetching poses near the parking lot, so you’ll have to hike a goodly bit to find me.

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