So long as it’s smaller than us it’s worth tormenting

In this occasionally competitive pastime we’ve either heard or relied on the familiar disclaimer, “ .. despite all the fish you’ve caught the truly important thing is simply getting out in the woods and having fun.”

… which my pal mentioned to me today after the long hike in gale force winds, unforeseen cold water immersion, and obligatory bee sting.


Immersed to his chin in cold water and enduring all with nary a hint of complaint.

I caught two but grudgingly let him beat me to the “frog jerky”. Desiccated amphibian mashed fetchingly against streambed cobble compliments of a passing four wheeler.

On occasion I’ve mused what life would be like if I could lick my nuts like he can, naturally I’ve assumed he thinks the same of my opposing thumb and fiberglass wand.

I don’t think he’s trading up anytime soon.

I don’t blame him.

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