You won’t find this at the Fly Fishing Film Tour, and with good reason

I was thinking it was one of many hundreds of reasons why fishing in agricultural waste is superior to its rarified blue water cousin …

Outside of the obvious, how there’s plenty of brown and damn little blue, how brown is close and blue far, brown being cheap and blue expensive, and how blue water fans scrub their boots and waders out of fear for the environment, and we scrub anything wet for fear of what we’ll introduce to our garage …

… and while the Blue water crowd pouts at water bottles and the isolated candy wrapper, us brown water types “dumpster dive” the high water mark for West Hollywood Classics, knowing even our litter is dirtier than the trout stream equivalent.


Which is a comfort for a fishermen out on a morning he knows to be too cold, in a river swept clean of fish, with more miles of carrying the fishing rod versus using it.

Nothing like coming home to a warm fire and the questionable embrace of “Super Naturals” – featuring a bevy of round-bottomed Valkyrie, each bursting with … ample … uhm … stuff.

No, I’m not going to link to the site – it’s liable to BLIND the dry fly purists.

6 thoughts on “You won’t find this at the Fly Fishing Film Tour, and with good reason”

  1. Timely post. I was at the fly fishing show this weekend (and proudly wearing my coveted Singlebarbed cap). We went to the film festival Saturday night. I think on the whole I’d rather watch you fish.

  2. what did you expect,fishing for trash fish? On blue water, you’d find Vivaldi CDs or DVDs of PBS shows that the trout leave lying about….Yeah, you might find a ‘Best of Bassmasters’ or Xtreme Gnarly Trout FishingIX but that’s only after the cuttys have been there…..

  3. I’m sure that whatever is on that DVD pales in comparison to the live show you witnessed while fishing for shad on the American a few years back.

  4. Vivaldi CD’s and fellows wearing ascots … I like it.

    Joe: You just mentioned one of the few things I never shared with the readership – that still sends shudders down my spine …

    While the young lady was easy on the eyes, the wierd creepy dude that muttered the play by play still haunts me …

  5. Jigglelicious might be the perfect marketing title for an anatomically correct boiley. You could use all the rest of the pots in the kitchen that are not taken up by dying dubbing.

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