We’ll see if the gals are as good a sport

DKNY_Does_GrizzlyIt’s plain the “Grizzly-Hackle-enmeshed-with-tousled-mane” made a lasting impression on women’s fashion, and while we’ve resented their wanton consumption, Grizzly may have become the next “Ombre” – something required of the everyday well-heeled-gal.

While I’ll admit to public displays of petulance, given all that premier saddle hackle is gathering moth eggs in some darkened  jewelry box, could it be we’re about to endure a speckled renaissance complements of a few hundred expensive chickens?

I’ll let you be the judge.

DKNY_Grizz_Closeup Think finely printed faux fur that will dye into steelhead killing, eye-watering, fluorescents capable of tying enormous Intruders, fast sinking Sculpins, and take salt water fly tying from humdrum  to two foot-long articulated Squidz …

Think oodles of fashion designers cranking out acres of sophisticated fashion that will hang in closets forgotten, or better, discarded within the year …

Then again, $295 for eight square feet is about what you’re paying for crappy jobber-packed deer hair – allowing you to rush out and throw elbows with the other patrons of DKNY …

Just make sure you explain the receipt to your wife – and I wouldn’t mention the “cutting it up” part – nor would I attempt the equally lame “I gave it to my secretary” excuse.

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5 thoughts on “We’ll see if the gals are as good a sport”

  1. Start looking at the outlet malls in Vacaville,I’ll bet you find this at 1/3 the price by Christmas…But who can afford to drive that far?

  2. I have seen this stuff in the fabric store for $24 per yard x 48 inches wide…with 40% off coupon in Sunday flyer it’s affordable enough. If it’s polyester may try “dyeing” some with Sharpies disolved in rubbing alcohol.

  3. That’s a worthy tip, Sam. The true beauty of fashion is it only last six months …

    It appears the strand length would make this a nice material for Bass especially.

    JP2:I’m thinking I can make the run from Winters to Vacaville on a skateboard with a sturdy tailwind. I may chance it.

  4. …the wind is usually pretty sturdy down there…You would have melted last week,though. Drove through last Monday,hit 80 before noon,100 in the East Bay and upper 90s on the way home all the way to Redding..whew…
    But y’all are used to that,I’ve lived up north to long….

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