The Debut of the “Do it Yourself” fish hook?

The folks at Fishingmatters Ltd, whom you may recall purchased the Partridge hook company, are concerned about the amount of time us over-consuming fly tiers spend searching for the better hook …

In the June issue of Tackle Trade World (pg10), suggest that they’re introducing the “Do It Yourself” hook, outfitted with a straight shank that allows you to bend it into the curve of your liking.

“ … research carried out by the company that shows advanced fly fishermen and pro guides are constantly searching for new hook patterns that don’t exist.”

– via Tackle Trade World, June 2012

As an “advanced fly tyer” and chronic hoarder I can attest to the time spent searching for good hooks. Most of the niche players that sponsored hook innovation like Partridge, have been plowed under by the Japanese and Korean hook companies, and esoteric models like the Flybody, Mariano Midge, Captain Hamilton, and Keith Fulsher’s Thunder Creek, all died lonesome.

Consolidation is a good thing until the pendulum swings too far and you’re left with Plain Vanilla and his kid sister …

Hooks used to have odd bends and varying length shanks, and an entire hook nomenclature was discarded to reduce the many to only best sellers. Outside of the constant influence of the salmon-steelhead crowd, and the Czech nymph phenomenon, we haven’t seen much in the way of new hooks in the last decade.

X-Stout, Offset, X-Heavy, Kirbed, Sproat, O’Shaughnessy, Limerick, X-light, 1,2,3,4,5 XL(ong), 1,2,3,4,5 XS(trong), and 1,2,3,4,5 XS(hort), haven’t been on the packaging in a mighty long time. Nor do today’s anglers understand why in this pinched-down-barb-era, how a good sproat or limerick offered something tangibly and different.

But we’ve got Black Nickel, which is a start …

6 thoughts on “The Debut of the “Do it Yourself” fish hook?”

  1. I contacted Partridge, who mentioned the original missive was an elaborate April Fool’s Joke. How it was printed in the June issue of a trade journal is a bit mystifying.

    I’ll stick to Paris Hilton rumors in the future.

  2. I wouldn’t believe any 2nd or 3rd hand corporate excuses. “April Fool,” my foot ! Somebody got the sack on that one ! That’s a lot of metal to throw around, a messy rack to tie feathers on, and a clunky mouthful for a fish. Maybe they engineered that Crackerjack box puzzle to fake out overseas competition ?

  3. @Eroy, you may be right on all counts, given how bloodthirsty competition can get in this diminished economy …

    … someone was telling the Board how the “bendable” hook shank was going to revolutionize fishing, and no one bothered to check with the legal department on what kind of warranty was offered.

    Good call, truth being stranger than fiction~!

  4. you really can buy hook making supplies.

    somewhere out on the net a guy sells the makings for salmon irons.

    some italian flies are tied on hooks made from needles or pins.

    a colonial re-enactor back east has a book out that will teach you how to “bend your own”.

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