A groundskeeper uniform with rod taped to the shaft of my edger

We’ve looked them over with scarcely concealed avarice. Noting every curve, bulge and deep spot, and while our moral fabric is porous enough to exploit them with great vigor, we know our fantasy will end badly, beaten by onlookers and led away in manacles…


Golf courses always seem to have an abundance of lonely water hazards, and in spite of stiff dues and silly uniforms, there’s always some local claiming he’s witnessed some golfer drug into the depths screaming while hunting for an errant Slazenger.

Only players with PGA credentials, very special guests and perhaps course residents are allowed to fish Stadium Course waters, especially during the tournament. But area anglers should take a tip from the golfers that some of the best and most consistent fishing that anglers could ever hope for can be found in the water hazards and nearby ponds and lakes of golf courses.

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In my haunts, “PGA credentials” meant “Pretty Goddamn Athletic” and we’d hop the fence at dusk to fling all manner of terminal tackle at what looked like the deep end.

Getting permission to fish golf ponds can be challenging, particularly on private country clubs — which frequently offer the best action. But it’s worth the effort gaining access. Sometimes meeting and talking with the club pro is worthwhile. Explain you’ll not interfere with golfers on the course, and all fish will be released unharmed. Some golf courses are closed on Mondays, which is a prime time to fish their waters, and permission to fish is more easily obtained then. Dawn, dusk and night fishing is worthwhile because golfers are not on courses, and anglers don’t interfere with play.

The author of the article points out a number of ways to appease the local country club stiffs, and is therefore worth the brief read.

It’s not surprising to find out that access is rigged, despite what the club house sign proclaims. The Green Jacket entitles you to all manner of accommodation, including permission to fish for largemouth bass so big as to threaten the local grade school.

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