And fly fishermen get the “evil torture” rap

I’d call it something like, “noble foe mistreated horribly, first by Monsanto, then by sushi-loving Hipster.”

Let’s eat Glow-Inna-Dark genetically-engineered, research fish despite their being finely honed scientific thoroughbreds, engineered for pollution detection …

… and that Glow Inna Dark thing, shouldn’t matter on the flavor dont’cha think?


Madam, what you were attempting to convey was, “Jesus Bob, this fish tastes like licking the inside of an aquarium accented deftly by raw sewage (and if the camera wasn’t rolling, I’d spit this crap all over you ..), and the cucumber does nothing other than make me want to hurl.

… I guess the wasabi was kind of strong … for dummies especially …

3 thoughts on “And fly fishermen get the “evil torture” rap”

  1. I love the faint acquarium flavor of authentically prepared sushi, and eating it by candle light sounds romantic. The thing you need to watch, however, is the dried seaweed wrapping. If it’s post-Fukushima, it lights up the whole kitchen.

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