I learnt it at Singlebarbed, who teaches all the truly important fishing skills

Lying If you’re like me you read some sites to teach you how to fish, some that teach where to fish, others show flies, leaders, hints & tips, and then there are a rare few that instruct you in the proper way to hold a dessert spoon while fishing …

Today however, I’ll break with dispensing the usual mix of hot air and horse manure to teach you how to pick your next, Best Fishing Buddy.

How you can tell the real McCoy from posers that starch their Sage hoodies, and iron their SIMM’s …

…  corrugator supercilii, one of the three muscles of the eyelid that helps wrinkle the forehead, and depressor anguli oris, a mouth muscle that is associated with frowning. In liars, they detected subtle contractions of the zygomatic major, a facial muscle linked with masking a smile, and full contraction of the frontalis muscle suggestive of a failed attempt to seem sad.

-via Msn.com

Knowing how fly fishermen love immersing themselves in Latin, I figured you’d want the unvarnished version of how to spot the best Liar.

… rather than backpedal insisting you’d never countenance a best pal stretching the truth even slightly, consider that fishing is a mixture of catching and not catching, and the best liar is likely to induce consistency in your take, which will raise you in the eyes of spouse, siblings, and community.

Which, eventually leads to you being able to go more often as you’re “successful” and everyone loves a winner.


With your newfound knowledge of where and how to fish, and how to spot a lying, cheating sumbitch, you can now frequent your favorite fly shop and ask them important questions like; “when is your next Whiting shipment”, and “do you have any Grizzly necks in the back room?”

If you get a tell-tale twitch of any of the three muscles above, take a pair of pliers to the thumb on his casting hand …

6 thoughts on “I learnt it at Singlebarbed, who teaches all the truly important fishing skills”

  1. ….as always,SingleBarbed gives those life lessons we can’t do without….In this election year,this will come in handy.

  2. Every blogger out there can tell six great ways to pick a fly rod … Me, I’ve always identified with questionable ethics and suspect morals.

    Guy like that always have nicknames – and can outfish anybody.

  3. If anyone can decry the difference between a ZM, DS, or DAO ( abbreviated for the obvious), and not be shunned, they are a better person than I. And, I wouln’t experiment with the technique on ANY person of interest of the female gender. Can you spell Probie Slap?

    Ya got that, Vern?

  4. Hey KB – you’re looking particularly good today, have you lost some weight?

    Wow, and your flies look soooooo life-like.

    And you certainly must have gotten a Pulitzer Prize for your writing.

    Have I mentioned how good a camp cook you are?

    Take me fishing???

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