Heroes, every last one …

I don’t believe a word of it myself, mostly because I buy into every conspiracy theory possible … and … they were replaying Spartacus in my hotel room last night …

The incident occurred on state Route 124 south of Hillsboro and involved a truck  hauling a tank filled with rainbow trout en route to Rocky Fork Lake.

The truck was about 20 miles north of the Kincaid Hatchery when the tank fell off, according to a hatchery spokesman.

The human occupants of the truck were unhurt, but the fish are considered a loss according to Tim Parrett, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

– via NBC4i.com

I figure all them 9” -11” fish realized they were cannon fodder anyways, and like the desperate heroism of Flight 93, rushed the driver in a bid for freedom.

Thinking they were gnawing through the brake lines, they got the Covad mounts instead …

Took a week to clear the freeway, but only because the clean up crew were limited to “five per day, ten in possession.”

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  1. The Heartland is concerned and everyone is watching and waiting for information about this dramatic story!

    Road trip,Spartacus repeats…what’s up with that?

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