Nothing else has phased us fly fishermen, hence “legal” isn’t an option

flo_grizz The firm that I knew as “The Scourge of Grizzly Hackle”, Fine Featherheads – has apparently ignored PETA’s repeated “cease and desist” warnings about false advertising, and has drawn a law suit as its reward.

At issue was the Featherhead claim that Whiting Farms treats its roosters “ethically” rather than gleefully tearing great handfuls of  feathers out by the roots while stomping life out of the rooster. Whiting denies the denial claiming it provides spacious individual quarters for the birds who are gassed when harvested.

If memory serves someone tried that with humans a half century ago – and it was frowned on then too … “Ethical” now being in the eye of the beholder – and not so much the victim …

Us fishermen have never garnered the wrath of PETA, as we’ve always been dismissed as insensitive brutes – with nothing to be gained via class action or any other form of legal recourse.

Besides, one of those lissome young feather models probably leaned over to a compatriot and whispered the PETA negotiator couldn’t possibly understand that feathers were a fashion must have – as she was skinny and pale and wearing Earth shoes. The lawyer overheard, and threw the book at Feather-Momma and her clutch of wood nymphs.