How to torment a Bamboo Rod Guy …

Do not accept imitationsWUSS, you’re nothing without those precious nickel silver ferrules kept limber by red deer fat

… especially since Hardy extincted the supply many years ago, and what few are left are stalked by flute playing sophomores  with a penchant for re-enacting “Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”

One of many treasures recently unearthed from the pile of unwashed laundry and fly tying materials in the Room That Has No Name.

I carry it on the outside chance that someone will forget butter and I’ll need something to flavor my Grits while they’re being rendered lovingly in the camp fry pan.

… Nose grease being right up there with Crisco as a potential substitute, unless BP has a well in the area and you can simply dip your ferrule in the creek …

11 thoughts on “How to torment a Bamboo Rod Guy …”

  1. Tin? Hell the goober inside is completely intact – containing the mark of a single application.

    I just wanted to get the Trout Underground to go all apoplectic on the unfairness of it all.

  2. To send a sensitive bamboo rod guy straight into a straight jacket, I can show him the wax that I use – a little dab off an 85-cent wax toilet ring.

  3. Nice to see another vintage tin of deer fat. I’m getting ready to post mine on ebay. In 15 years of bamboo fly rod collecting and FF collectibles, this tin is the only deer fat tin I’ve ever seen live and online, yours and mine make two!

    I’m guessing these ought to be worth abour $500+ apiece… What’s your guess?

  4. I have no clue whatsoever, but if the face of Jesus can be left by burnt butter on the bottom of a fry pan – and it’s worth $20,000 …

    I’d say you hit the Lotto.

  5. Well, let’s see what happens. It might not sell this first go around as it might be in the wrong category as I put it in rods, it might need to go into the category of split shot tins, a fellow collector was buying those tins for up to $300.

    above is my ebay lot. Thought you might be interested.

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