Risk public ridicule and earn a hat in the doing

The Singlebarbed Grease Magnet

At one point both of them were black. The one on the left is what I’ve been wearing the last couple of years; fragrant with stale human, pomade, and insect repellant – the one on the right is clean, sterile, and looking for a home …

Them as has commented plenty are to be admired, given their penchant to lead chin first into the public space with wit, insults, and factual detail that corrects me when I get hasty or sloppy.

Ed Stephens, John Peipon, Jim Batsel, JP2, and Peter Vroedeweij – drop me a note with a mailing address, you’ve all earned a new brim.

… and yes, in polite company I’ll wear a clean one, maybe …

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15 thoughts on “Risk public ridicule and earn a hat in the doing”

  1. As my last name is sufficiently strange for public ridicule, I’ll proudly wear this to compensate…

  2. You need to make them available retail.
    I’d proudly wear one (I’m a sucker for a stylish chappeaux).

    I keep telling my two fly shop owning friends they need to stock up on Free Range Dubbing when it (finally) becomes commercially available.

  3. Dr.Cane – as you represent the token Bamboo rod maker that still speaks to me – whom I can hold up in the face of Tom Chandler’s wrath, when he claims I’m only half a man – and insensitive to boot …

    … I’ll have one in the mail to you Saturday.

    Owners of the SB chapeau flaunt their countercultural alliegances via SB cap at a rakish angle … wear it proudly, Sir.

  4. WOW!!! Alas,I am not worthy of such high accord…but I’ll take free swag in a minute. I’d better go find a car-bodied,channelized,industrial smelling river to cast in….Wait! The Duwamish is open and it’s a massive pink salmon year!! Whoo-Hooo!

  5. God Almighty! These sluts are prostituting themselves for swag! Next you’ll be editors for Brownwater Magazine demanding free tippet from the unfortunate swine that must photograph you with the naked women that represent their product. Peter V. your unfortunate last name is no excuse for the abandonment of honor! ( my address is enclosed Dear Brother)

  6. Igneous, there are two kinds of people inna world, those with caps – and those who dig.

    Blood kinship is overrated, hence you dig.

  7. Igneous, in many ways I’ve come to like my last name, as it translates as “early in the meadows”.

    A practice I am not unaccustomed to.

    Sure, it led to a lot of merriment when I was younger, and some bloody noses as well.

    But it gives a certain panache to be able to say to someone named, say, “Smith”: While your forefather was in a smithy sweating away, mine was fishing. *BG*

  8. I’d go one further Peter…

    “.. and since your forefathers saw fit to misspell Smythe as ‘Smith’ – it’s certain that both you and they are products of the Public School system – you Visigoth …”

  9. Keith, I’ll send a pic of the hat and some free range dubbing next to a pile of cane rods so you can prove to Chandler that I’m real, not like your “girlfriend in Canada.”
    Seriously though, you’re very generous and I’ll wear the chapeaux with pride and panache (on the Henry’s Fork at The House Of Harrop no less, when I visit in two weeks).

  10. …got the snazzy ball cap. Now I may stride Geriach-like onto the banks of the local rivers and beaches of the salt and fish will fear me……which is another reason for why I get skunked….

  11. It’s always good to have another excuse. (Though, counting ineptitude, weather and bad luck I have found a few already)

  12. The pate protector has arrived Keith. Many thanks. Finally a cap that’s big enough for the Neanderthal brow of yours truly.

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