The end of the unwilling outdoor blood donation

Under the counter sales to them as can reproduce As most of you already know, mosquitoes ferret us out due to the CO2 we exhale. Ditto for anything else that sucks blood, and why entomologists lay dry ice on a white blanket and run for their lives …

Now researchers claim they can render us completely invisible to the hosts of blood sucking insects by giving us a repellant that will cause complete sensory overload to all the creepy crawly things that are determined to make the out-of-doors experience miserable and demeaning.

… to the gals mostly, us real woodsmen delight in bleeding profusely, and show our scars at the least provocation …

The good news is that it’s “1000 times more powerful than DEET.” Which was removed from shelves due to its propensity to lower your kid’s IQ and cause numerous birth defects. A thousand times more powerful suggests that probability may be inching towards certainty, which may make sales to those under 65 illegal.

… not to worry, fly shops will sell little crack vials to them as able to reproduce, for six or seven times the normal markup … Or I will, in the parking lot … for even more.

6 thoughts on “The end of the unwilling outdoor blood donation”

  1. I think you’re confusing DEET with DDT. DDT was banned, DEET is still found in pretty much every bug spray that actually works. Hope this new stuff doesn’t cause major issues and can find its way to the market fast. It would also be nice if it didn’t eat away at fly line.

  2. Perhaps it’s a California issue, I remember DEET (Muskol) being pulled off all the shelves and we starting hoarding it … I’ve got less than half a bottle left still.

  3. You can purchase a variety of insect repellants containing DEET at REI, including Jungle Juice (which contains 98.11% of the stuff).

    Closest store to you would be in Sacramento, or you can order it online.

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