They should market it as a “waderless wading system”

Now that the Governor’s on the prowl – bent on trimming wasteful government spending, all the service unions are busy pointing fingers at one another trying to deflect attention to the the other guy, and how “them other fellows have been living really high on the Hog, your Frugalness .. “

Fish & Game’s new trout planting system

Fish & Game appears to have caught the Governor’s eye with their 13 million dollar deepwater trout planting system. Naturally the fingerling trout’s chance of survival is aided by a deep water release, versus running the gauntlet of salmon eggs and Cheetos thrown by eager anglers following the hatchery truck.

The governor is fuming, suggesting that planting trout for anglers to dabble with is an inappropriate waste of tax payer dollars, and amounts to an “angler bailout”, akin to greedy Wall Street investment professionals and banks.

When reminded that licensing fees are what pays for the hatchery system and the rainbow trout generated, Governor Brown responded with, “I already took them dollars months ago, they’re mine already, so that’s no longer true.”

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