If we introduced Trout Lifecycle in auto shop they might understand the connection

Sir Isaac Lays it Down for small block Chevies It’s a heartwarming article to be sure, local volunteers from Trout Unlimited introducing “Trout in the Classroom” to the bright, eager eyeballs of youth.

Emily Sklenka, a 10-year-old Bristol girl, said watching the eggs hatch and the trout grow will be “really cool.” She said she likes that the fish eye is already visible.

My question would be – when does a small block Chevy thrown off a bridge become “cooler?” Sure, it’s the same impressionable eyeballs doing the deed – enraptured by Natural Order, and balance in Nature, but was it the Physics professor that turned all those potential naturalists into hooligans?

The answer has to be somewhere’s in the 10 to 20 age range; covering Junior High, High School, and the subsequent two years of lounging around deciding what to do next.

“If we didn’t teach them how to eat, they would probably starve,” Swanson said. He told the students that some of the trout won’t be clever enough to survive because they won’t figure out how to eat.

“Some fish just don’t get it,” said Swanson. Those fish, he said, are called pinheads because their body never fills out to match their enlarged heads.

Then again, we could be dealing with the Natural Course Of Things, only our pinheads fill out just fine –  they just have to be taught to work rather than eat. That’s the theory Dad used, but I was hoping it was the Physics professor, I guess I’m still smarting over the ” a tone-deaf little weasel” epithet.