The last rod you’ll ever need

It’s been an arduous wait, but I’d promised a revolutionary step in fly rod design and pricing, and by all that’s Holy, I’ve delivered…

Introducing the Singlebarbed “Crapper” rod, just in time for Christmas – and with a sturdy “one size fits all” system allowing a non-fisherperson to head for the counter knowing they’re purchasing the right rod.

For the older angler, the Crapper blank has been hand painted in Bamboo® to assist adoption of contemporary fibers and rod construction.

The Crapper features a two piece design, and a revolutionary Cork® grip with adjustable reel seat that accommodates both Spey, Switch, and conventional grips.

Traditional Seat

Sulphated Bismuth-Gallium Arsenide® (BiGaS2) retainers are the latest advance in reel seat technology, featuring all weather, corrosion proof, condiment resistant, shock absorbing, reel seat security – that adjusts on the fly, often in mid cast. 

Whether you prefer the traditional grip, “switch” style, or European Spey, a simple twist and slide will reset your grip, facilitating both roll casts and complex spey casts.

switch / Spey style with the BiGasS2 reel seat iPhone users can purchase the optional Spey Hero II® add-on that assists in teaching the rhythm and timing of the “Reverse Snap ‘T’ ” and “Duck on a Hot Plate” casts.

You’ve had a pretty rod, you’ve owned a pretty expensive rod, isn’t it about time you owned a pretty damned good rod?

Speedsloped guides,ThreadZ, and Pure X The Crapper features vibration dampening ThreadZ® that serve to reduce rod reverb, transferring the “Y” and “Z” plane energy into Pure X®. Pure X® technology adds dozens of yards to your cast through SpeedSloped Guides® and longer thread wraps on the tip side of each guide – serving as a PowerReservoir® of energy that will grant you long effortless casts free of tedium.

In our factory we make rods, on the stream we make Heroes.”

Sidestep to the Singlebarbed difference, wade with confidence, cast with authority, and lie like the Big Dog.

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15 thoughts on “The last rod you’ll ever need”

  1. I’d not only buy this work of art – I’d like to invest in the business. I also believe I’d be a valuable asset to the organization…

    You forgot to register the trademark for “Crapper.”

    See, I pay attention to details!

  2. Goddamn fickle brownliner, the “SS” model isn’t due until Spring.

    Now we’re talking.

    You forgot to register the trademark for “Crapper.”

    See, I pay attention to details!

    That’s because Satan owns the trademark rights to these rods. But their wicked good for catching fish.

  3. Let me guess: the two and three piece versions conveniently require a car door for disassembly.
    Congratulations, you’ve managed to offend everyone equally.

  4. Glad to see that NyQuil induced stupor gave you and your BiGaS2 inspiration while kneeling/sitting around the porcelain variety crapper. Good to see you posting again.

    Wow, a trackback on the Adoptions/Orphans site. Very impressive that you have a built-in clientele.

  5. Every time I read this I bust out laughing. Great post.

    Have any of the famous/professional angler types approached you about being a rep yet?

  6. The sum total of cocktail invitations, dinners, tea-socials, and angling soiree’s received by our editorial professionals remains at … As expected.

  7. I hereby invite you up to Trout Underground/Man Cave World Headquarters for a thorough beating an extensive test session, though don’t be offended if I wear a ski mask while doing it.

  8. Your understanding of life coupled with your ability (or not) to put it on paper is why we drink COLD Beer.
    Stay out of the Cantinas… ice.

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