If you’re not getting enough leafy greens and fiber, I may have a solution

I cracked open the padded envelope and immediately flashed on the scene from Top Gun, “Negative Ghostrider, not one pair, TWO pair ..” Seems in my haste to secure the Bernat Boa yarn in “Mallard”, I overlooked a trifling detail about 2 skeins for $5.

Now I’m looking at 351 yards of imitation pond scum hoping fish eat this stuff … If they don’t I’ll just do what fly tiers always do when they have a lifetime supply, strip naked and roll in it. 

It does look like weed, and that's what Sister Corley promised

I stopped off at the Little Stinking and flung it with trepidation, it didn’t absorb too much water to be unruly on a 5 weight, the brass bead sank it fast enough, and the effect when wet was perfection.

Something ate it on the first cast, but I was too busy chewing fingernails to react.

The creek is only a shadow of itself, and from the bridge only a single fish was visible, what little water present was coming from the horse barn and that restricted visibility to less than 6 inches.

The above flavor is tied on a Tiemco 3769, #8 hook – equipped with a 4mm brass bead. Beads 4mm or larger can be purchased much cheaper from a beading supplier than a fly shop, just make sure the hole is 1.5mm or larger to use on flies.

I’ll need a different venue to test the fly further, so I’ll head upstream after returning from this week’s foray into clean water.

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  1. Attach a salmon flasher an you could troll that baby past a recycleing center! Whatcha callit: California roll?

  2. 2 for $5?
    I’d pay that for 1 skein! I’ve been looking for the “Mallard” Bernat Boa yarn all year.

    Can you clue me where to get some?
    Much appreciated!

  3. dude, mallard has been out of production for years. Either eBay it, or trade KB for it with some goodies. Luckily enough, I was able to score a couple skeins from the good man himself.

  4. Ah, thanks! I’d been searching about 1/2 the day for some, and finally found that same source and ordered some right before I read your response.
    Now…I just hope it shows up. I’m sure my lifetime supply would be about 1 skein, and now I’ll be getting 10!

    I’ve already got several other colors, including that yellow/orange one, plus the mink, chinchilla, and silver fox colors. Great stuff! Rick Zeiger had sent me some of his Boa Yarn Leeches early this Spring, and I caught plenty of bass, bluegills and crappies on those.
    I really like the looks of your crayfish-imitator “Little Stinking Olive”.
    I’ll tie some up and give those a try locally next season, and I have also tied up a few of Sister Carol’s Grass Carp Flys but so far I’ve had to use alternate material for that.
    I didn’t hook up with any grass carp on my fly rod this year, but did catch some decent carp, including 2 over 8 lbs, and a 32″ 16lb jumbo (my PB). Carp are a blast on a fly rod!!
    I caught most of them on fuzzy hex nymph flies.

    Thanks again for responding!

  5. I used brown Boa last week in a streamer and did well on trout. I have a skein of it and plenty to share. I am looking for a couple yards of Mallard or even a skein. Anybody want to swap or put me onto some?

  6. Frank,
    Here’s my e-mail address:

    I’d be happy to sell you a skein of the Mallard boa yarn if you want one.

    However, if you just want a couple yards, I’m afraid I’ll have to send it free of charge. :o)

    Let me know what you want, and send me your mailing address.


  7. Recently there’s been a lot of the Mallard Boa on eBay, and a couple of the auctions have the color listed wrong – it’s mallard, but listed as brown.

    I’ve laid in a goodly supply – and am happy to share, just drop me an email (address listed on the “About” page.)

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