I see it as more of a “truth in advertising” issue

Alistair of the Urban Fly Fisher caught my attention with his unveiling of yet another collection of ladies giving their all for a fly fishing calendar. It’s a known angling weakness, starting with Ulysses and the Sirens, you fellows keep thinking around the next bend is a bevy of panting nubiles intent on portly, middle aged men wearing rubber.

Of all angling fantasy – this is the least possible, and despite council to the contrary you persist in perpetuating falsehood.

It’s about time you were rewarded.

It’s all true, it’s just beyond the next page – countless taut, bronzed and passionate beauties, aching for a real man! Like all “pay-for-Pr0n” sites I’m only allowed to show you a teaser or two, you’ll have to subscribe for unfettered access to the Hotties…

You’re a Dead Man Walking

It’s up to me to add a measure of reality, and GirlsGoneFlyFishing.com is sapping you of your vigor. They’re nice, but can’t hold a candle to the bevy of Hotties I’ve got under contract.

That’s why she insisted you go, honest

This is the real deal guys, the AFTMA Nymphets, “Anglers by day and Soiled Doves by night” – domestic Ninjas, skilled in fishing, credit card abuse, and thrown crockery.  The kind of gal that adjusts your priorities, whilst gazing adoringly from the wall of your Mancave.

The whole “girls gone wild” thing is REAL, ignore the fact Joe Francis was convicted of a morals beef and only recently has seen daylight – in reality he was saving the “good stuff” for you …

She’s without flaw, but she doesn’t speak your language

Fly fishermen are notoriously slow on the uptake, like “tight lines” – “Gone Wild” has already seen its best days, but it’ll take a couple of decades for it to run it’s course with the fishing crowd. It’s that hellish optimism thing we’re imbued with – leading to cold feet, colder dinners, and fishless fishing trips.

You can’t speak their language and you don’t know the business end of a Jello Shooter, just unlimber plastic and I’ll show you what you’re missing.

See you in line for the Webcam.

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6 thoughts on “I see it as more of a “truth in advertising” issue”

  1. I must say I was impressed that the ladies even knew which end of the rod to caress-I mean hold.

    Or maybe a man gently placed it there.

    And how many of Singlebarbed readers will admit they were checking out the rod & reel and the beautiful scenery BEFORE even noticing the gals?

  2. I can agree those types of calendars are kind of pipe dream. We dream about a woman who likes to look sexy and is interested in the things we love. People need their dreams just as women dream about the loving caring and sensitive man who is equal parts comfortable doing manly things and equal parts being attentive to her feelings.

    People need these things to get through their day to day life.

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