I did a triple header in my own backyard, a Brown, a Golden, and a Calico

Slow the retrieve just a bit, it's like Bonefishing only with screaming Old Ladies I’m without a viable fishery, and that’s worthy of mourning. Salmon will be closed soon due to the demise of the Chinook run, likely prompting Fish and Game to close everything as most folks can’t distinguish between salmon species…

I haven’t heard the outcome of today’s meeting to close the steelhead fishery for 60 days, and the Little Stinking  is running about 15 times it’s normal size.

I tried the Supermarket – leaving the cart some distance back from the fish section, tossing a pebble in the freezer to see if anything spooked, but the only motion I saw was from a Tilapia fillet, and those don’t eat flies.

All that’s left is “Katfishing” which bears no resemblance to Catfishing as we know it. You take a steelhead rod equipped with a shooting head, add an 8 inch streamer of Glo-Bug yarn (combed out so it’s big and fluffy) on a 3X tippet and pretend to be practicing on your front lawn.

Typical feeding lane, keep a firm grip on the rodWhen the neighbors stop watching lay a cast in tight to their hedge and strip it back over the grass. Give it a good “wounded” retrieve, but hold onto the rod, that big Tabby that craps on your Petunias is going to want this sucker in the worst way.

Glo-Bug yarn works best, as feline claws will get good purchase on the initial pounce, and you can get a fairly good tussle interspersed with the occasional run.

This is strictly a “Katch and Release” fishery, but there’s no limit to the number of hook ups, most cats will take the fly 40 or 50 times in a single cast. No, you won’t hurt them and they’ll have as much fun as you will, but if Mrs. Flauntleroy is peering at you from her kitchen window, cool it.

If you don’t know the cat personally, uses steel mesh gloves on the release, either that or pliers…

It’s my birdseed, those are my songbirds, cats have to make my reel sing for their supper.

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7 thoughts on “I did a triple header in my own backyard, a Brown, a Golden, and a Calico”

  1. I’ve never tried squirrels, they would be like Black Bass – always trying to wrap you around some structure..

    Alistair has obviously been where I’m at now.

  2. ZING!

    I see how you roll, and you can forget about the “it’s my river so’s I’m entitled to half the #22 BWO’s you have on you.”

    …this ain’t the Hug-a-lympics, I’ll remember that one..

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