Who knew Entomology would take us to the Dark Side of the Farce

I’m perusing yet another entomology tome that discusses the phases aquatic insects endure to finally get their wings, each author insists the “post-lactating-pre-nuptial” phase is overlooked by anglers, and fish knock snot out of flies that imitate it.

A dark spinner, looks innocent enough and you’ve got plenty in your flybox..

Just another wolf in Sheep's clothing

I got your “phase” right here, buddy. It’s short lived, and crucial.

Entomology Undressed

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11 thoughts on “Who knew Entomology would take us to the Dark Side of the Farce”

  1. I’m theorizing that what you’re describing isn’t so much an entomological reality as it is the human’s basic desire to pretend to know more than his fellow man.

    BTW — it’s “post-nuptial, pre-lactating.” (Just one more thing that I know that you don’t.)

  2. This stage exists only “pre-nuptial” – post nuptial all you can do is beg.

    “What is the one thing a woman can eat that rids them of their sex drive? Wedding cake.”

    I think that’s the quote I remember.

  3. Pacres: Sure once the protestors lose interest.

    Izzy: My goal is to be the Paris Hilton of flyfishing – I show up at the Sport’s Show toting a small dog, point at stuff and say, “That’s Hot.”

  4. The Paris Hilton of flyfishing? Good God man. Would you also walk down the ailes of said show baring your chest? I’m not sure we’re ready for that.

  5. I don’t expect my hair extensions to survive the Fly Tying room, but I’ll have extras in the car.

    Any videos released on the Internet will puzzle the curious, any out-of-focus exposure of flesh will be my gut..

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