The Lessons of Fips-Mouche

FIPS Mouche LogoFor them as don’t know, the stalwart lads from the USA that participated in the 27th Annual Fly Fishing World Championships finished sixth overall, a pleasant uptick from years past, with teams from 22 countries participating.

It’s obvious what’s needed, armed with all that tackle, talent, and verve,  conspicuously absent was the lack of any nicknames for our guys. This is professional sports dammit, there has to be a guy named “Tank” or “Booger” in order for any team to be taken seriously!

Imitation of the Eurotrash contingent puts us years behind, and as they’ll testify, our only real contribution to Western Culture has been boorish manners and Sourmash whiskey. It’s time we give his Lordship a wakeup call, as this is a multi-venue, multi-day event, there is ample opportunity for Boom boxes, beercans, and a few thrown elbows.

We’ll see how the French do when their fillings start to rattle…